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Risk Planning

Risk Management is the foundation for building a life financial structure. One risk event (like Medical emergency, 3rd party liability or unexpected layoffs) is more than sufficient to completely derail an individual’s plan for financial independence. Because of which we provide highest importance in planning for managing the risk before moving on to investment planning.

Investment Planning for Retiremnt

Investments for Retirement

In the current scenario, where the society is moving (moved) towards the nuclear family setup, its extremely important for each individual to plan for their retirement from day 1 of their career. Through efficient investment management, individuals can achieve this long term objective with ease instead of scrambling for resources during the later stage of their career.

Investment Planning for Child Education

Investments for Child Education

As developing economies are trying to model themselves after their western counterparts, we are also adopting some of the practises from the western world and one amongst them is the Education Loan, which results in our kids starting their career with a negative balance in their net-worth. As responsible parents, we can minimize this impact by way of planning for their education. We assist our clients by building an investment plan for supporting their kid’s education.


Tax Planning

Only death and tax are certain in life. While planning for different life goals of an individual, we need to look at the tax component of the investment planning and choose the tax efficient investment products. We also provide assistance to individuals to reap the benefits of the provisions made available by the Income tax authority and assist in yearly tax filing by engaging the services of the professionals.